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Service Information Bulletins 2011  

2011 Service Information Bulletins for Series 60
Workshop Manual


Section 1 Engine

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6 03-11

Cylinder Head Installation

This procedure has new information.

5 03-11

Piston/Liner Removal and Installation

Section has been revised.

5 01-11

Removal of the Flywheel Housing & Installation of the Flywheel Housing

If the engine is properly supported, it is no longer necessary to remove the engine from the vehicle before removing the flywheel housing.

4 01-11

Cutting Series 60 Counterbores

Procedures to cut the counterbore for repair shims have been added.

Section 8 Exhaust Gas Recirulation (EGR) Components

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10 03-11

Installation of the Tube and Shell Bolted Flange EGR Cooler

Installation procedure has been revised.


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