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Electronics DDEC Reports  
DDEC Reports is the solution to analyzing the information extracted from the ECM and DDEC Data.

DDEC Reports software produces a wide variety of diagnostic and management reports useful for analyzing driver performance. These reports offer the opportunity for maintenance and fleet managers to review driving habits and how those habits impact driving performance and wear on the engine and vehicle.

Some of the types of reports accessible in DDEC Reports include: Trip Activity, Speed vs. RPM, Engine Load vs. RPM, Periodic Maintenance, Daily Engine Usage, Life-to-Date Summary, Hard Brake, Last Stop Record. All the reports are displayed in an easy to read format, several which have dual display capabilities: graphical and tabular. The graphical representation offers the opportunity to easily view information at a quick glance for diagnosis, while the tabular format displays more detail for a comprehensive analysis.

Extractions can be made by direct connection to the vehicle. Direct extractions are accomplished by utilizing the appropriate software, connecting a laptop computer or PC to a compatible translator box and the vehicles 6 or 9 pin diagnostic deutsch connector.

DDEC Reports offers reporting capabilities for all DDEC engines and Mercedes (VCU version 12.09 or later) on-highway vehicles.The latest version of DDEC Reports supports Detroit Diesel engine platforms: GHG14, EPA 10, EPA 07 and older Detroit engine platforms. 

To view the DDEC Reports new features presentation or download the current version, please visit the download section by clicking the Electronic Tools Updates link, select Diagnostic Link 7.x, and scroll to bottom of page. 



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