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Electronics DDEC Data  

DDEC Data is dedicated memory in the DDEC IV, V, and VI ECM that records operating information about the engine and the vehicle. It is a standard feature in DDEC IV, V and VI ECM's and is extremely beneficial for diagnostics and reporting.

DDEC Data stores three monthly records and a trip file that can be reset after it is extracted from the ECM. There is an internal clock/calendar, with an internal battery, which is used to track time and stamps event-based occurrences, such as fault codes, hard braking incidents and last stop records. Extremely beneficial information is also stored. Certain reports summarize the data, so there is no practical limit to the length of time data for these particular reports to be stored.

DDEC Data is initialized at the factory, so it's recording when you receive it. Data is being recorded with default settings. The settings can be customized using DDEC Reports included in Detroit Diesels Diagnostic Link PC Software.

Direct extraction of DDEC Data is completed by using a cable and connecting to a PC with the necessary hardware.


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