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DiagnosticLink 8

Detroit is proud to announce the new version DiagnosticLink 8 software package. DiagnosticLink 8 supports DDEC 6 through GHG17 engine platforms. There are two variants of DiagnosticLink 8: DiagnosticLink 8 Standard which replaces DDDL 7.x and DiagnosticLink 8 Professional which replaces DDRS 7.x. DiagnosticLink 8 is now subscription based only (i.e. download only) from the ordering site. You may purchase a 1 year subscription of DiagnosticLink 8 from the ordering site which includes service packs updates within the subscription period.

Please Note: Both DiagnosticLink 8 Standard and Professional requires an SSO (Single Sign-On) ID and password for tool registration and server connection for service pack updates and required server connection. You may request for an SSO ID from the ordering system if required. Legacy tool DRS 6.x require a DRS Application ID and password for server downloads.

DiagnosticLink 8 Standard 

The standard edition provides ECU information, diagnostic fault codes, instrumentation, service routines, the ability to run system tests, and edit ECU parameters. Upon installation of the standard edition package installer, the legacy tool DDDL 6.x is accessible from Start menu programs.

DiagnosticLink 8 Professional

The professional edition provides ECU information, diagnostic fault codes, instrumentation, service routines, the ability to run system tests, and edit ECU parameters. The professional edition also includes the ability to reprogram ECU software. Upon installation of the professional edition package installer, the legacy tools DDDL 6.x and DRS 6.x (for authorized users) are accessible from Start menu programs.

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL 6.x)

DDDL 6.x is a comprehensive software program supporting DDEC II, III, IV, and V, and all software versions of the MBE 900 and MBE 4000 On-Highway engines. DDDL 6.x software continues to offer all of the great features and benefits users have come to rely on, and now includes these new features:  Coverage for DDEC V, Release 2, DDEC IV Release 42 and VCU Release 14.26; New data included in the Trip Monthly and Life to Date Reports; Updated VCU/PLD instrumentation to speed up data rates; Integrated MBE troubleshooting guide to enhance diagnostic efficiency.

Nexiq USB-Link 

The Nexiq USB Link and Nexiq USB-Link 2 translator boxes are compatible with all Detroit service tools. The Nexiq USB Link 2 hardware and Detroit's DiagnosticLink software can be purchased from the DiagnosticLink Ordering System.

  The USB Link 2 Kit (p/n 124032) includes:

  • USB-Data-Module
  • 15 ft.USB data cable
  • 6/9-PIN Y data cable
  • Quick start card
  • User’s Manual
  • Hard-side carrying case

The DiagnosticLink Ordering System can be accessed at: using your SSO (Single Sign-On) or Access Freightliner ID and password. 


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