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Electronics DiagnosticLink 8.x  

2015 Electronic Tools Information 
This screen will be your source for the latest file and information updates to Detroit's DiagnosticLink 8.02 software.

New Software Update Information


Engine Series MCM CPC2
Series 60 M63.2.1 R5.03
MBE 900 M11.4.0.0 R5.03
MBE 4000 M13.5.0.0 R5.03
DD15 M13.4.3.0 R5.03
DD13 M13.4.3.0 R.5.03


Engine Series MCM2 ACM2 CPC2+
DD13 M7.7.1.49 E8.7.0.104 R22.02.00A
DD15 M7.7.1.49 E8.7.0.104 R22.02.00A
DD16 M7.7.1.49 E8.7.0.104 R22.02.00A


Engine Series MCM2.1 ACM2.1 CPC4 TCM
DD13 M4.7.0.0 E5.57.0.0 R34_00_000A T07.07.00
DD15 M4.7.0.0 E5.57.0.0 R34_00_000A T07.07.00
DD16 M4.7.0.0 E5.57.0.0 R34_00_000A T07.07.00

DiagnosticLink 8.02

The DiagnosticLink 8.02 Standard and Professional software package is now available for order on the DiagnositcLink Ordering System. Please visit and sign on with your current SSO (Single Sign On/AccessFreightliner) ID and password.

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DiagnosticLink 8.02 Help File

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DiagnosticLink 8.02 Language Pack Update

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